July 2024 Patch 2

This minor patch resolves an issue introduced in 174.3 with notary stamp placement after dropping other fields.




July 2024 Patch

SIGNiX is deploying a few feature updates for integrated clients and API users, as well as some quality-of-life and bug fixes reported by other clients. Additionally, our development teams have implemented a number of highly technical, under-the-hood enhancements to our architecture to optimize the SIGNiX experience for everyone.




June 2024 Patch 2

This small release is targeted at addressing a number of additional issues experienced by users as a result of the deployment of Release 174.




June 2024 Patch 1

This small release is targeted at addressing a number of error messages and minor bugs experienced by users as a result of the deployment of Release 174 as well as to address other client issues.




June 2024 Update

With Release 174, SIGNiX now supports using a Topaz signature pad to capture a handwritten signature as part of the signing process, calling signers directly with their one-time passcode, as opposed to relying solely on a text message, and finally allowing full customization of text presented to the signer when they are finished signing. Other improvements include updates to Compliance Lock, MassMailer and numerous other quality-of-life changes.




May 2024 Patch

SIGNiX is rolling out a small patch to address possible pre-processing delays affecting some clients.




March 2024 Patch

SIGNiX is rolling out a small patch to address minor, non-user-affecting issues resulting from changes in Release 173. 




February 2024 Patch

SIGNiX is rolling out a quick patch to resolve issues around (1) meeting invite emails not being sent to signers in notarization transactions and (2) account visibility issues in the new User Home interface. 




February 2024 Update

SIGNiX is jumping into 2024 with a large update and exciting new features! First, an updated version of the MassMailer will now allow submitters to better control their bulk deliveries as well as input custom data into document prior to sending. Reports can then be produced containing all signed documents, evidence, and even data entered by signers during their signing processes.

Second, as well as improving bookmarking of our new Dashboard, we've rolled out a new optional User Home page (more below) as well as better control over your name, email and password in the newly revamped Profile page.

Finally, we've added new Compliance Lock updates and customer-requested features for signing, notarization and integration alongside upgrades and bug fixes galore. 




November 2023 Update

SIGNiX has made a significant effort in Release 172 to better meet the needs of all of our users with a large number of accessibility improvements based on audits of the software. We still have more work to do, but we're committed to an accessible SIGNiX experience.

In addition, we've added several highly requested features: a Save button during signing, better font sizing in the Editor, and for notaries, the ability to add a 'note' to the journal for every notarization to add context to the transaction. And of course, what release wouldn't be complete without a number of minor bug fixes, quality-of-life (QoL) updates, and architectural (under-the-hood) changes.




August 2023 Patch 2

This minor patch introduces a critical authentication upgrade mandated by Zoom. We have also made several minor quality-of-life updates to the user experience around Zoom meetings and how they are reflected in the long form audit trail and Certificate of Completion.




August 2023 Patch 1

This minor patch addresses an issue affecting adding new information to the notary profile page.




August 2023 Update

Release 171 brings to the table an entirely new, powerful authentication method: ID Verify! This automated credential analysis plus selfie biometric capability (for notary and non-notary transactions) automatically scans an identification credential (driver's license, passport, etc. and then asks the signer to take a selfie (with liveness detection) to compare against the credential that's been presented.

In addition, Release 171 includes a slew of notary quality-of-life improvements directly addressing common notary user requests. Other improvements include a new customizable marketing graphic at the conclusion of signing, API upgrades, Dashboard enhancements, larger signatures and initials, document rendering improvements, bug fixes and much more.




June 2023 Patch

This minor patch addresses a minor issue with accessing SIGNiX internal application support pages. (170.1)



June 2023 Update

Release 170 is focused on resolving significant technical debt around PDF usage and rendering, consistency of user lockout and password handling across all SIGNiX entry points, client preference handling, and finally, document and video (RON) storage. A number of smaller notary-focused quality-of-life items and bug fixes are included as well. (170)



March 2023 Patch

This minor patch updates a specific configuration for our mail provider and migrates away from a soon-to-be deprecated method. No changes to user experience or email flows have been made. (169.6)



February 2023 Patch

This emergency patch addressed an urgent issue related to scheduling Zoom meetings, affecting our notary customers only. (169.5)



December 2022 Patch

This patch focuses on client-requested updates as well as quality-of-life improvements specifically for notary users. (169.4)



June 2022 Patch

This small patch resolves an issue with supporting individual certificates for notaries and improves client IP address resolution for audit purposes in upcoming migration. (169.2)



May 2022 Patch

This small patch adds a number of important, behind-the-scenes API and architectural fixes and bug resolutions. (169.1) 


March/April 2022 Update

SIGNiX's first update of 2022 will feature the ability for notaries to upload their own personal digital certificate and use it for remote and electronic notarizations. In addition, some other key bug fixes and internal updates are included as well. (169) 


December 2021 Patch

SIGNiX is rolling out a very small configuration change to its 168 release. No existing features or capabilities will be affected. (168.1)


December 2021 Update

SIGNiX is closing out 2021 with a bang! New updates include an exciting credential analysis solution, quality-of-life improvements and features for notaries and other users of our system, as well as adding a top client-requested feature - Signer Attachments in MyDoX and eNotaryDox. We're also introducing a beta integration to Box® for users to be able to push completed documents and audit trails too. Soon after the new year, we'll allow users to opt into this new external storage push capability. Contact your SIGNiX sales rep for more information!  (168)


October 2021 Patch

SIGNiX is deploying a few fixes to address client-specific issues.  (167.1)


September 2021 Update

SIGNiX is pleased to release numerous updates requested by its notary clients, including multiple online meetings per notarization, an easy text tool for typing information into documents, and even more secure knowledge-based authentication options. In addition, we're putting the finishing touches on our next generation Dashboard to deliver a faster, more efficient user experience when accessing MyDoX! And on top of all that, several quality-of-life fixes and improvements. (167)


July 2021 Patch

This month's SIGNiX update delivers quality-of-life (QOL) improvements for several specific clients as well as a few requested changes for our eNotaryDox users.  (166.1)


June 2021 Update

This month's SIGNiX update brings with it a number of quality-of-life (QOL) improvements for notary and MyDoX workflows alongside new functionality for our ReadyDoX™ product to allow for anonymous forms to be ultimately delivered to specific signers or approvers. Additionally, we've delivered a number of client-specific updates and laid the foundation for MyDoX® users later in the year to easily set up destinations (like a Google® Drive) for completed documents and audit trails. (166)


March 2021 Patch

This patch is being deployed to address urgent issues stemming from the 165 release. (165.1)


March 2021 Update

This update addresses numerous client-reported issues with notary workflows as well as FlexAPI integrations and integration-specific features. (165)


February 2021 Patch

This small update to the SIGNiX service fixes an issue created in the last release where online meetings for remote online notarization (RON) could not be rescheduled. In addition, we've now added the ability for notaries to see the time and date of scheduled meetings and copy the participant link. (164.1)


January 2021 Update

The latest release of the SIGNiX service introduces several highly requested, exciting features for notaries, including the ability to control the delivery of emails with document links until signers are in an online meeting, reschedule existing online meetings, see how many notary stamps are in a single transaction, and see which signers have been assigned to a notary stamp and even change those assignments. SIGNiX also fixed a few other client-specific issues and performed a few other optimizations. (164)


2020 Product Updates


November 2020 Patch

This update is focused on resolving a few issues that surfaced as part of the recent 163 release, as well as addressing client integration concerns due to recent changes in how browsers deal with cookies. (163.1)


October 2020 Update

Based on significant customer feedback, this month's SIGNiX update brings substantial changes to the notarial experience, including a new e-notary profile page where notaries can now visually search and view their journal, recordings and commission information, all from the comfort of a single screen! In addition, we've added many other feature enhancements and fixes for not only the notary experience, but also other improvements and updates as well. (163)


August 2020 Patch #2

SIGNiX is delivering a small patch to address a issue discovered in the 162 release where notary stamps placed in a specific location above or farther away from the notary signature might not be properly assigned to the correct signer each time. (162.2)


August 2020 Patch

SIGNiX is delivering a small patch to address a few issues discovered in the 162 release.(162.1)


August 2020 Update

This update brings significant improvements to the eNotaryDoxTMsolution, including detailed support for multiple notary seals, improved expiration checks for IDs, initial API support, and other quality-of-life items. In addition, SIGNiX is introducing a TotalAuditTM Certificate of Completion for clients who may want to provide a more succinct set of evidence to clients alongside the industry-leading, comprehensive audit trail SIGNiX has already provided for many years.(162)


May 2020 Update

After several smaller patches designed to expand capabilities of the SIGNiX notary feature, SIGNiX is now releasing an update including a number of client-requested, quality-of-life improvements as well as changes to behind-the-scenes architecture in the SIGNiX platform itself. (161)


May 2020 Patch

With continued pressure and increased traffic on the SIGNiX system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SIGNiX is releasing another small update to resolve issues relating to client setup and onboarding. We have also addressed a bug relating to notarial transactions when multiple signers are authenticated with both identity proofing/credential analysis (KBA-ID) and non-KBA-ID. (160.4)


April 2020 Patch #2

Due to unannounced changes in the Zoom platform supporting the SIGNiX eNotaryDoX service during the COVID-19 pandemic, SIGNiX is releasing an emergency patch to deal with these issues. One other minor client update has also been included. These changes affect only the eNotaryDox product and clients who use attachments via our FlexAPI. (160.3)


April 2020 Patch

Based on feedback from a growing number of new clients, SIGNiX is rolling out a small patch to rapidly improve and iterate on remote online notarization user experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some other minor updates have also been included. (160.2)


March 2020 Patch

SIGNiX is releasing a small patch to address issues with notary seals (stamps) appearing digitally onscreen but not when printed.(160.1)


February 2020 Update

The first major update of 2020 delivers a variety of new capabilities to the platform including enhanced signer authentication for remote online notarizations and branded HTML emails.(160)


January 2020 Patch #2

SIGNiX is releasing another small code patch to mitigate client-specific issues. (159.4)


January 2020 Patch

SIGNiX is releasing two small code updates to mitigate issues that came to light in the past few weeks, one due to changes in a 3rd party vendor's API and another due to changes introduced by Release 159 (159.3)


2019 Product Updates


November 2019 Patch #2

SIGNiX is releasing a small code change to mitigate a rare issue caused by iOS Safari's aggressive auto-fill feature overriding what SIGNiX coded as read-only / uneditable text fields in the 21 CFR 11 signing dialogs ('Reason for Signing' fields). (159.2)



November 2019 Patch

This patch includes a small code change to mitigate issues solely with a single KYC authentication provider. No other changes have been made, and this code change only affects those clients and partners who may be using KYC authentication in certain use cases. (159.1)


October 2019 Update

This update includes several critical client-requested features and fixes, as well as improvements to the new Document Dashboard interface which will go into beta in the next few months. Release 159 also boasts substantial architectural upgrades to signature cryptographic capabilities, timestamps, and other security aspects of the SIGNiX service. (159)


August 2019 Update

This update introduces a dramatic update to our MyDoX document center (now called the Dashboard), and enhances our SIGNIX eNotary capabilities with online cloud recording and advanced auditing features. In addition, this release includes multiple client requested features as well as resolves a number of other issues. (158)


July 2019 Patch

This patch resolves a bug with the editor introduced by Release 157. (157.2)


June 2019 Patch

This patch fixes a spelling error on one ReadyDoX™ page as well as implements tooltips in the MyDoX™ and embedded editor. (157.1)


June 2019 Update

This minor release features mostly client-specific changes, bug fixes and internal architectural updates. (157)


May 2019 Update

This release includes substantial updates to SIGNiX electronic notary features, including the introduction of online Zoom Meetings which can be launched directly from the SIGNiX interface to facilitate remote notarizations. In addition, numerous client-requested improvements, bug fixes and features have been added, including better prompts regarding passwords, easier drawn signature capture, tooltips, and more. (156)


April 2019 Patch

This patch improve responsiveness when deleting a document with many assigned tasks from a transaction due to an issue introduced by Release 155. (155.1)


April 2019 Update

This updates features a broad range of client-requested fixes and changes, as well as several minor bug fixes and mitigations. (155)


February 2019 Update

This release includes a number of key fixes and updates for client issues and user workflows. It also features new, broader email customization capabilities. (154)

2018 Product Updates


December 2018 Update

This release includes a number of quality-of-life updates as well as key functionality improvements requested by clients after the 152 Release and continued upgrades to core subsystems in the SIGNiX service. (153)


November 2018 Patch 1

This release includes a small fix for a bug introduced by Release 152 related to saving and field placement in the embedded editor. (152.1)



November 2018 Update

This is one of the largest SIGNiX updates ever undertaken, and incorporates a huge amount of client-requested bug fixes, enhancements and general quality-of-life improvements to the SIGNiX platform. Most importantly, we've overhauled the underlying document presentation system to be more responsive and efficient, particularly with larger documents. (152)


September 2018 Update

This update includes a few key client-specific features, including the important introduction of signer-focused external authentication. A few other minor bugs and updates have also been added. (151)


March 2018 Patch 2

This patch includes additional remediation fixes for issues noted in the newer (UXR3) editor. (150.3)


March 2018 Patch

This patch includes remediation fixes for issues noted in the newer (UXR3) editor, especially when embedded. (150.2)


2018 New Year Update

Many updates in this update, including fixes to the editor/wizard. Also, disabled uploading of signature images & dropdown to change MyDoX workgroups. (150)

2017 Product Updates


December 2017 Patch

The SIGNiX Signature Service was patched to fix parallel signing groups and resolve errors and frustrations with certain embedded editor functions, in addition to a few other minor improvements. (149.4)


November 2017 Patch #3

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to address a number of issues affecting signers and submitters, including a password reset bug and session timeout. (149.3)


November 2017 Patch #2

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to address a minor, behind-the-scenes architectural feature. No impact to user interface or integrations. (149.2)


November 2017 Patch #1

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to address a production issue involving signing. (149.1)


October 2017 Update

The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes highly requested features such as signature image upload, as well as numerous bug fixes, authentication vendor improvements and updates. (149)


September 2017 Patch

The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes small, client-requested fixes and an important, mandatory security update for an authentication provider. (148.1)


September 2017 Update

The latest update to the SIGNiX Signature Service includes requested changes to the beta version of the new MyDoX Wizard and Document Editor, which are very close to full release. In addition, customer-requested features & customer-related bugs have been added and resolved, respectively. (148)


August 2017 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated, addressing a broad range of customer-requested fixes and improvements, closing out work on the new Wizard and Editor interface, updating PDF rendering engines, and resolving issues with the Personal Document Center. (147)



July 2017 Patch

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to resolve performance issues with MyDoX Document Center logins. (146.1)


July 2017 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated to introduce further refinements to user experiences in signing, document preparation and the document centers as well as resolve several client-specific issues. (146)


June 2017 Patch

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been patched to address some urgent, client-specific requests for a subset of use cases. (145.1)


June 2017 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with a significant number of new features for embedded signing, user experience improvements and issue resolutions. We are also completing our work on the next generation editor and MyDoX Wizard and hope to have that available in the next month or so! (145)


May 2017 Patch

The SIGNiX Signature Service was updated with an urgent patch to resolve issues with a very small number of users who may have mistyped their passwords and were locked out unexpectedly from their accounts. (144.1)


April 2017 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with an integrator-requested feature for downloading the audit trail, bug fixes, and continued work preparing the next generation document editor. (144) 


March 2017 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with an exciting new feature for enhanced legal compliance, a few bug fixes and issue resolutions, as well as substantial foundational work preparing the next generation document editor and other architectural improvements. (143)


New Year 2017 Update

 The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated with a large number of features and improvements across integration, user experience, and architecture, and also includes foundational work for new capabilities just around the corner. (142)

2016 Product Updates


Winter 2016 Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service is introducing exciting new integration capabilities: full API support for embedding the signing experience and new push notifications for opt outs. The update also includes a myriad of fixes and resolutions for both new and long-standing issues, as well as ongoing work to optimize core elements of the service. (141)


NOTICE - SIGNiX Ending Support for Internet Explorer 9

In April 2016, SIGNiX sent out notification to all Clients that we would be following Microsoft’s lead in stopping support for Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10.  Because Microsoft will no longer create patches for security issues found in those browsers, and due to the fact that these browsers are incompatible with new capabilities SIGNiX is introducing to the platform, SIGNiX must move forward and transition out of each browser.


Early November Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service was updated to include a small number of user experience updates, client customizations, and architecture improvements. (140)


Mid-October Patch

The SIGNiX Signature Service was updated to include a small number of user experience updates, client customizations, and architecture improvements. (139.3)


September 2016 Product Update

The SIGNiX Signature Service has been updated (139.1) to include a key number of highly requested user experience updates and improvements.


August 2016 Product Update

August 2016 Update -  The SIGNiX Signature Service was updated with a small patch (138.2) designed to improve certain features of the platform used by specific clients. The enhancements include changes to the personal document center, ReadyDoX™ and other miscellaneous, minor code updates. 


June 2016 Product Update

June 2016 Update -  The SIGNiX Signature Service was updated with a number of behind-the-scenes upgrades to promote stability and scalability, as well as a number of other features intended to bring more flexibility to the platform for our users and partners.


Spring 2016 Product Update

February 2016 Update - Minor enhancements to document rendering for signers as well as a new digitally signed logo. Product updates were made to email bounce notifications and IP address in Audit trail. Miscellaneous fixes and updates for optional signatures. Minor client-specific customizations, optimizations and bug fixes. Infrastructure changes relating to document archiving and storage. 

March 2016 UpdateOptional signatures optimized, enhanced signer evidence, updated signature flags, other miscellaneous items. 

April 2016 Update - Client-specific customizations and issue resolutions, foundational elements in place for future feature releases and resolved some minor user experience issues with ReadyDoX™.

2013-2015 Product Updates


Spring 2015 Product Update

Major signing experience enhancements focused on usability across large and small screens, updated and modernized user interface elements, eliminating redundant clicks and screens, and overall improving the signing experience.




November 2014 Maintenance Update

Minor enhancements and improvements to Document Wizard, Signature Engine and other items based on customer feedback.


August 2014 Maintenance Update

Minor enhancements and improvements to MassMailer, 21 CFR 11 support mode and the SIGNiX Signature Engine.


Now Available: Mass Mailer feature and Enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 Support

With MassMailer, SIGNiX clients can easily send documents to a large number of recipients at one time directly from the Document Wizard.


Now Available: Document Wizard & Signing Experience Enhancements

Now both document preparers and signers will be better informed about what they need to do at each step of either the transaction creation process or signing process with the implementation of Guidance Prompts.


Now Available: Signature EngineTM Enhancements

Our December 2013 product update brings new integrated functionality to clients. While most of the changes are subtle and won't be noticeable immediately, we're working closely with key partners and customers to drive these new capabilities into implementation, and we expect exciting news to follow shortly.


Now Available: Document Delegation and Enhanced Integration Options

The fall 2013 release of our digital signature software features document delegation, push notifications, highly sophisticated integration options and enhanced electronic notary features.

This month's SIGNiX update delivers quality-of-life (QOL) improvements for several specific clients as well as a few requested changes for our eNotaryDox users. 


API / Integration*

  • Improved functionality, flexibility and integration with Corporate Document Center (SIG-1097, 1005, 1062, 1098, 1099, 1113)
  • Updated AJAX API calls to improve consistency (SIG-1156, 1153)
  • Resolved issue with API and Notary usage (SIG-1175)

User Experience

  • Resolved issue where notaries were sometimes using initials instead of signatures with seals. (SIG-1159)
  • Wizard: Moved 'Hold Email' button closer to Send button in Send tab per customer request (SIG-1145)

  • Fixed issue where SMS secret code wasn't being delivered when expected (SIG-1164)


  • Attempted to resolve some client-reported timeout issues (SIG-1157)

Other Items

  • None

Known Issues

  • n/a

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!