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Password Issues

Options for resetting and changing your SIGNiX password

Forgot / reset my password

To reset your password, click “Forgot my Password” on the login screen. The password reset process will not put you back to the login screen automatically, you will need to go back to your login link after you have completed password reset.

I am locked out of my account

Most of the time, users are only temporarily locked out after entering the wrong password during login, or for leaving the login screen open for a while with no activity.

We suggest that you follow these steps to troubleshoot your login issue:

  1. Clear your browser history to remove the message that says you're locked out
  2. Ensure you are using the correct login link
  3. Reset your password

If you do not know how to clear your browser's history, each one will have different steps to take and we suggest that you use the below link to select your browser and find instructions:

How to Clear Browser History

For your login link, signers should use the link sent to their email in a "Documents Ready to Review" message, and submitters should have a saved personal link to login to their account. You can email CustomerSupport@signix.com for assistance with your login link.

To reset your password, please use the "Forgot my Password" button on the login screen and follow the prompts.

More Support Options

Help with login issues and special cases

Registering as an eNotary / Remote Online Notary in your state

We have step-by-step instructions walking you through state approval as an eNotary or Remote Online Notary:










I need help with ZipLogix

If you are trying to sign a document that was sent to you by a realtor or that involves any sort of real estate transaction (buying / selling a property, signing a rental agreement or lease, etc.) then you are more than likely using an integration with our partner company ZipLogix.

Our partner company ZipLogix prefers to handle all support directly, so we are more than happy to direct you to them whenever you're having an issue. Even if you have reached a part of the process that is within the SIGNiX e-Signature solution system, you will still need to contact ZipLogix to start a support ticket. If they cannot help you directly, then ZipLogix will gather the necessary information to escalate tickets to SIGNiX Support in order to have everything resolved following proper procedure.

If you see any of the following in the emails you have received about documents to sign, then you indeed using a ZipLogix product and must direct all questions and issues to their support team.

  • Digital Ink
  • Zip Forms
  • CAR
  • ZipCommunity

Below is their contact information: • Email Support – Found on the zipForm Support site above. Email is answered within 24 hours of their normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm EST excluding holidays). zipForm® Support is not open on weekends. Email sent over the weekend will be answered on Monday. • Phone Support – Phone support is available Mon-Fri 8am-8pm EST excluding holidays and not open on the weekends. Phone support is free, but the number is not an 800 number. Please call 586-840-0140. Common Issues for ZipLogix users and signers:

  • Trouble with login, including  forgotten passwords and unsure of username
  • Unsure how to stop or cancel a transaction
  • Not sure if the emails for signing documents are being sent or received properly
  • For all of these and more, again please contact ZipLogix directly through one of the methods listed above.
SIGNiX API Integration Support

We have an incredible developer community website here: SIGNiX Dev Community

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