How to become a Remote Online Notary in Tennessee

  • eNotary InstructionsTennessee requires that they upload this instructional document twice during the application process.

Name of Vendor: SIGNiX

Name of Electronic Technology: eNotaryDox

Name of Vendor for Identity Proofing: IDology through SIGNiX

Copy of unique electronic notarial certificate: *see next item, as you can upload one document to achieve these two items together

Copy of unique electronic seal:

  • You will need to create a new transaction to sign and notarize a sample document yourself, which will allow you to have a single document with your signature, seal, and our certificate included.
  • SIGNiX does not provide this sample document, you will need to use a document you already have.
  • Once your transaction is complete, can then download the finished document and submit that to your state.
  • All documents signed through our system will always have our Digital Certificate embedded inside the PDF as data, so you are never without it.
Copy of necessary instructions supplied by the vendor:
  • There are two areas asking for instructions, one for validating signature and seal, and another for identity proofing and credential analysis.
  • We provide every new notary with our basic instructional Word document, which is about 15 pages long and is usually attached to the Access Email that includes your login link.
  •  If you did not receive this, please ask Support to resend.
  •  You can upload the same document for both areas asking for instructions.
Explanation of the methods the notary will use to maintain and store the records:
  • This is something the notary must provide on their own. SIGNiX will store documents and Zoom recordings for 90 days, during which it is the responsibility of the notary to download and save those items in accordance with their state laws. You must explain to the state how you plan on maintaining those records.



Steps to Complete the TN Application process:

  1. Download the state document from this page. If your state does not have a specific document, you should upload a sample PDF document of your choosing.
  2. Upload the image of your seal into your eNotary Profile.
  3. Click on “Create New Transaction” on your Home screen.
  4. Add yourself as the notary signer by clicking on the “I am the signer” and “notary” buttons. Do not add any other signers.
  5. Upload the document for your state into the new transaction. 
  6. Tag the document for your signature and your notary seal. If necessary, tag for any other fields that the document may require for your state.
  7. On the Send screen, you can put the transaction in “Demo Mode” and send it to yourself. You can click “Demo Now” to start signing and then you won’t have to wait for an email, and you do not need to schedule a Zoom meeting with yourself.
  8. Sign and notarize the document.
  9. Login to your account and open the now completed transaction. On the status screen you can click the “Download” button beside the document and this will save of copy of the signed PDF document to your computer.
  10. Do not make any changes to the document after you download it. Do not print or scan the document, it is already a PDF file and any changes you make could result in losing the digital certificate. Provide the completed PDF to your state for their approval.

(The State of Tennessee requires that instructions from the vendor must be turned in during the application process)


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