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API / Integration*

  • Event detail now included in audit trail when a signer adds attachments or takes other action (ie. bypasses) attachment tasks. (SIG-1165, 1518)

User Experience

  • Improved messaging and user experience around Signer Attachment interface. Added specific text to Finish Signing dialog as well as moved a key No Attachments button to a more prominent spot on the screen to improve closure rates. (SIG-1516, 1569)
  • Added subtle background color around document pages in Wizard and Signing to better show borders and edges. (SIG-1262)

  • Removed unnecessary menu elements in Dashboard (SIG-1167)
  • Fixed minor issue with Certificate of Completion (SIG-1702)


  • Notary middle name or initial is properly shown in Notary Profile. (SIG-1289)
  • Prevented notary user from mistakenly scheduling multiple online meetings when quickly clicking Schedule Now button. (SIG-1321)
  • Improved logic and messaging when notary commission is expired. (SIG-1322)
  • Other minor notary bug fixes. (SIG-1586)


  • AWS-specific storage and archiving changes (SIG-1546, 1560, 1570 - 169.3)
  • Updated Apache Commons Text implementation - CVE-2022-42889 (SIG-1579)
  • Added vendor response codes when sending SMS text messages to better handle exceptions. (SIG-1480)

Other Items

  • Reporting improvements (SIG-1553, 1571)

Known Issues

  • None

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!